Corruption, Lies, Abuse and Power... the best of Socialism?!🤯🤬


Ex-FBI lawyer gets probation for altering document in Trump-Russia probe - YouTube

Carter Page, who was the subject of former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith's altered email, reacts to the "slap on the wrist" Clinesmith received. Rep. Devin Nun...


It's only been 7 days of the Biden Harris telenovela at The White House, and thousands of jobs are down the drain. Sad future ahead!😥😤


Union worker who Biden berated speaks out - YouTube

Jerry Wayne, a Michigan union worker who was caught in a viral squabble with then-candidate Joe Biden, where Biden called him 'full of s---,' speaks out to N...


This is so sickening whats happening in the USA, let's hope this doesn't come over to us in EU or is it already happening over here?!


Dan Bongino claims the FBI may be investigating him for role in Parler - YouTube

Dan Bongino joins 'Hannity' to discuss how censorship has become a top priority for Democrats, Big Tech and the media. #FoxNews #HannitySubscribe to Fox News...

Outsiders 'triggered' by Nancy Pelosi's hypocrisy over gender-neutral language - YouTube

Sky News host Rowan Dean says Democrat hypocrisy has reached new heights after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi described herself as a “wife, a mother, a grandmoth...

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